Tuesday, February 3, 2009

National Disaster Management Centre (NDMC)

"Hujan lebat dijangka berlaku 4-7 Feb 2009. Paras Laut 2.1 - 2.4m. Waspada bagi sebarang kemungkinan banjir & tanah susur. Sumber: Kaji Cuaca & Laut"

"Heavy rain expected today 4th~7th Feb. The Tide is 2.1m to 2.4m. There is a possibility of more floods and landslides."

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Karnival Perikanan 2009 - Friday 30th

Nice scenery..

"The endangered species.... "

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Walkathon Amal, Tutong - Sunday, 25th Jan 2009

Dewan Kemasyarakatan,  Daerah Tutong

Warming-up before a long walk..

Traffic under-controlled...

" We did it... Cheers.. "

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A TriP to Ulu-Ulu NaTioNaL PaRk Resort, TemBuRonG.. Asia Pacific's Delegates

Let's start our journey.. yeah..  :)

"Sharon (HK): Did  u 4get sumthin?"

"Psst..Ibrahem (Jordan).. u're so smart dude... don't u know we're goin to Ulu, do u?"

"Ladies... Put-up ur life-jacket plz..."

Vivian (Macao): U look Scary meh.. :)

dé Temburong Town... 

..and..it means.. 'Welcome to Temburong.."

"So.. how do you like d 'Wajid' ?

"So long i'm not in de Water.. that'll be okey.. :)"

Why is everybody so Quiet?

"I think i need a bigger boat uhh.."

"Hey ladies!! can U see the handsome guy there! Let's take his photo! uhuk... uhuk...  =)

"hey... handsome! ur behind!! hihi.. =)

"I wish d guy in front cud take my photo..emm.. how 2 tell him meh"

Outward Bound Brunei Darussalam...

Yeah... sampai... (arrives)

"I can't remember my date of birth.. hmm.. this year i'm coming 18.. mm.. so..  :)"

"MamaRazzi (HK)??"

"You jump, We don't jump!"

"What shud i get for my wife huh?"

.. a short briefing...

"do we look like a Bruneian? :)


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Jungle Tracking...and ClimBiNg-uP Towers!! OwW..

Way to Canopy walk...

..piece of cake.. :)

Most energetic Photographer n de Videoman.. but "where's our video?"

Map of dé National Park Resort..

"Who wants to be de 1st to climb up?"

"did u smell sumthin?" :)

I got stung.. ouchh!!

"Do i get the signal here... "

..de Stunt-SharpShooter...

"take turn... 2 at a time.."

Sharon (HK) on top of the World!

Vivian (Macao)... at last!! Nomo PHobia!!!! Congratez meh..

The Aerial view... uhhh.... :O 

Check your Internet Speed Line..